Best Football Tattoo Ideas for Real Fans

Football, whether you translate that as American football or international soccer, we can take your football tattoo ideas and design the perfect personalized football tattoo for you! 

Football tattoos are the best way to immortalize your favorite team or player forever. Get specific and give us the details on your team or player and we can get creative together!

Most Common Types of Football Tattoos

Bicep Tattoos: 

The bicep is one of the most popular locations to get a tattoo of any type. They’re easy to hide in a conservative work setting and easy to show off in those hot, summer months! In addition. If you have really toned arms, a well-designed tattoo can define the contour of your muscles.

Most commonly seen tattoo ideas include police emblems, military logos, and the American flag. Guns and bald eagles are popular, too.

The outside of your bicep is one of the least painful places to get a tattoo. There is usually an adequate amount of fat and skin thickness, while the inside of the bicep is more sensitive and does take a longer time to heal because the skin usually is softer and looser than the outside. The inside of the bicep is not, however, the most painful location. 

Pectoral Tattoos:

Jersey tattoos are a unique way to say you’re always in player mode. Compared to an isolated pectoral tattoo, they offer a little bit more definition and form providing your “jersey” has some structured lines from your collarbone and trapezius muscle to your upper or mid bicep. It’s pretty common for the jersey to be set on the left side of the chest as that’s where the heart is located. 

Other designs like team logos, trophies, American footballs, and soccer balls are more subtle and usually mid-sized and located on the pectorals themselves without reaching the arm or the shoulder. 

Something important to discuss with your artist is how low you want your design to be as the nipples are one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo. Not to mention the rib cage being equally, if not more, sensitive as it is usually surrounded with low fat and thin skin with (sometimes) protruding bones making inhalation a painful experience while being tattooed.

Abdominal Tattoo:

Full stomach or full back tattoos are called murals. If you’ve got a lot you want to display, tattooing your body’s biggest cylinder is the place to do it. Some stomach tattoos employ the navel as a comedic tool in their design often seen as a mouth and more commonly, the belly button of the pot-bellied Buddha. Some women utilize this area as a belt; stretching the design from both sides of the hips across the lower stomach.

Once again, the ribs are a very sensitive area but stomach sensitivity differs from person to person. People with looser skin tend to experience more pain than people with taut skin. The hip area can also be very sensitive especially if you have prominent hip bones with low fat.

Full/Half Sleeves:

The arm is one of the most common places to get a tattoo. It’s eye catching, not only for others to appreciate, but for you to constantly enjoy.

Full sleeves span from the edge of the shoulder to the wrist while half sleeves cover half the appendage. A tattoo on just the forearm is called a brace with the outside being less sensitive than the inside. Frequent designs include inspirational quotes, motivational phrases, and Bible verses.

One disadvantage to a forearm tattoo is that they’re difficult to cover up especially if you live in a warm climate. The elbows can be a very painful area as there is very little to no fat but a lot of bone to contend with.

Calf Tattoos:

The calf is not a common place to get a tattoo so prepare to stand out when you wear your cargo shorts. Calves are a great place to get your first tattoo as there is usually a sufficient amount of fat, muscle, and skin thickness to make the pain on the low to moderate scale.

The ankle, shin, and the back of the knee (should you go that north and behind) are extremely sensitive due to lack of fat and muscle. They do scale around the same intense pain as a rib or collarbone tattoo. That being said, the side of the calf offers low pain and high surface area. It’s a good location to place your intricate or bold designs that would take a long time to tattoo.

Back Tattoos:

Both men and women can use this space to largely display their loyalty and admiration to the team they love as well as take off their shirt at public sporting events and not get censored!

It also shines the spotlight on the illustrious tramp stamp, which, as you can see in the image above, serves not only as kinky but also sporty.

Not only is the back a large canvas to express the beauty of the mind, back tattoos can also be used to accentuate the beauty of the body. Men often get tattoos that sprawl along the shoulder line to enhance their broadness, breadth, and strength. Women often get tattoos that trail down the sides or the spine to highlight the delicate curves of the female body.

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